World Gratitude Day: 35 Things To Be Thankful For That You Take for Granted

Our lives are full of blessings that we rarely acknowledge because it might seem small compared to what we’re looking for; graduation, a promotion at work, a marriage, buying a new house… yet those small blessings that go by unnoticed, can be a great source of happiness if we only allow it to be. and althought we don't need a national day for gratitude, it's always a good occasion to remind ourselves of the things we're grateful for. Below is a list of things we rarely stop and feel thankful for:

1. Waking up in the morning after a good night’s rest.

2. Your family. Feeling grateful for having them in your life improves your relationships.

3. Your close friends.

4. Your co-workers. You spend most of your weekdays waking hours with them, so they become like a second family.

5. Your health. And feeling grateful makes you healthier.

6. Your pet.

7. Food on the table.

8. The clothes you’re wearing.

9. Your house.

10. Electricity and running water.

11. Clean air.

12. Your morning coffee.

13. A good book.

14. A sunny day in winter.

15. Long weekends.

16. Opportunities to volunteer. It has been proven that helping others does as much good to them as it does to boost your happiness and self-esteem.

17. When you wake up before your alarm starts and you get to sleep some more.

18. Comfortable shoes.

19. Favorite pajamas.

20. Being understood.

21. Feeling of acceptance.

22. Laughter that you can’t control.

23. A nice hot shower or bath.

24. The kindness of a stranger.

25. The sense of accomplishment when you complete a difficult task.

26. Faith.

27. The ability to do the things you love.

28. Getting to your destination safely.

29. Home-cooked meals.

30. Being forgiven.

31. Being able to act like a kid again.

32. A nice compliment.

33. Free Wifi

34. Self-help books.

35. 7cups of tea. Where you can find someone to talk to for online therapy & free counseling.

Your turn…

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