12 Advise People Are Glad They Ignored

1. Settling for a person that they don’t love enough.

2. Choosing their majors based on what is “in demand” in society.

3. Following the trend when it doesn’t suit them.

4. Giving up on their dreams because people think they’re unrealistic.

5. People don’t fall apart because they’re busy, they fall apart due to their differences.

6. Travel as much as you can, it’ll change the way you’re thinking.

7. A beautiful body can’t make you happy for so long, a healthy one can.

8. Letting go is always the most difficult yet the most important thing we need to learn.

9. Take the job that pays the most.

10. Just take a job for now, even if you do not want it.

11. Stay where you are comfortable.

12. Say yes to everything.

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