28 Tips That Will Save You Time And Money

1. Learn to clean as you go. You will save many hours.

2. If it takes less than two minutes, do it now.

3. Grocery shop after a meal. When you’re hungry, everything looks delicious and you end up spending too much.

4. If you don’t need it now, don’t buy it.

5. Always sleep well. More time spent out of focus is never as good as a shorter efficient time.

6. Becoming healthier doesn’t mean you need to spend more time and money. Take the stairs, eat fruit instead of sweets. Add honey instead of sugar.

7. Pay all of your bills on auto-pay.

8. Brown bag your lunch.

9. Save time and money by doubling the recipe.

10. Turn off the television.

11. Stop collecting, and start selling.

12. Buy used when you can.

13. Learn how to dress minimally.

14. Wear the same each day.

15. Invest in a deep freezer.

16. Look for a cheaper place to live.

17. Buy a smaller house.

18. Cut your own hair.

19. Group similar tasks together.

20. Turn off social media.

21. Read using audiobooks.

22. Say "NO" more.

23. Shop online.

24. Avoid rush hour.

25. Create a morning routine.

26. Check email less.

27. Exercise at home.

28. Shower instead of taking a bath.

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