30 Tips For Better Time Management

1. Stop multi-tasking

2. Set deadlines

3. Prioritize tasks

4. Remove distractions

5. Keep your mind fresh

6. Work when most productive

7. Set reminders

8. Turn off email alerts

9. Batch your tasks

10. Brain dump your thoughts

11. Decline additional commitments

12. Tidy your workspace

13. Get more organized

14. Get in a routine

15. Manage your stress

16. Delegate tasks

17. Break big projects into steps

18. Only take on what you can finish

19. Get inspired

20. Only focus on what matters

21. Make your tasks realistic and manageable

22. Give up perfection

23. Keep a calendar

24. Learn to say NO

25. Set longterm goals

26. Eliminate time wasters

27. Make a to-do list but be flexible

28. Break down tasks into smaller tasks

29. Stop multitasking

30. Reward your good habits

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